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Here is a large collection of Spiritual Audio. Please pray for this service and that it grows.

AA Michael & St Bishoy Church - Very Early
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Very early Sunday morning,
While the guards were still asleep,
Our Lord arose declaring,
His promise he did keep (x2).

You alone have conquered death,
Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
You revealed power and glory,
Our Lord of righteousness (x2)

Jesus is risen in glory,
Heaven and earth sang and praised,
And the angel told the story,
He is risen as he said (x2)

Mary Magdalene was looking,
In the garden for the Lord,
Jesus himself was telling,
Her to go and spread the word (x2)

All the desciples were praying,
They truly in great fear,
When Mary came to them saying,
He is risen he is not here (x2)

While they were in the room,
Jesus Christ himself appeared,
My peace I give to you,
And my peace with you I leave (x2)

But Thomas did not believe,
What the disciples had seen,
So Jesus again appeared,
Showed him the place of the spear (x2)
Album: Resurection Hymns
Length: 4:36 minutes
Bitrate: 96 kBit/s
Frequency: 44100 Hz
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