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What does the Song of Solomon symbolise?
Requested and Answered by Shenouda on 20-Jul-2005 06:52 (1846 reads)
This very holy book speaks about the relationship between our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ (the Beloved), and the soul (the Shulamite). It can also be interpreted as the relationship between the Lord and the church. And thirdly, it can relate to St Mary, in parts. It has been said that if the old testament is a Holy Book, then the Song of Songs is the holiest of holies.

There are some people who consider this book to be representing the sensual relationship between a man and a woman, but this book should not be considered this way. We may take it however, to also symbolize the spiritual and holy union that occurs between a man and a woman in marriage, for the love that is shared in marriage is a spiritual ‘agape’ love.

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