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HisVine is the online community for church events, youth meetings, bible studies and much more.

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General Church News & Announcements
Fr. Mina 10th Year Commemoration Posted by Billious-MicMek (2010/8/14)
Arabic article on Fr Mina Nematalla's 10th Year Commemoration

Confession Bookings with Fr Antonios

Fr Antonios has a booking system for those who simply want to confess: punctual appointments and no waiting around!

Please note that these appointments have a strict 15 minute limit and if you arrive late and miss your turn, you will have to rebook for another day.

For bookings, please contact Mona by voice or sms on 0416 730 407 or email her at [confession at copticmail dot com].

If you require a longer appointment with Fr Antonios please contact him directly at [frantonios at optusnet dot com dot au] to arrange it. Alternatively, you can correspond by email at the same address.

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Fr Gabriel Blog
Check out Fr Gabriel Blog

Fr. Gabriel Blogs
Deacon's Corner

St Stephen's Deacons

Find a variety of hymns sung in church. There's the liturgy responses in English, Passion week hymns, Resurrection hymns and much more. Check it out now!
Sunday School Quiz

Sunday School Bible Study Quiz

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Helping Hand
We need a hand with some small tasks on the Church Website. If you would like to give a hand with small tasks such as - uploading photos of events - finding coptic website links - adding spiritual articles - managing the youth section - giving back feedback and much more, then please send an email to Thank you, Please pray for this service
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