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Is it all right to have music, dancing and alcoholic drinks during a wedding reception?
Requested and Answered by Stbishoy on 19-May-2007 18:50 (3832 reads)
Is drinking and dancing all right at any other times beside a wedding reception? If drinking and dancing are not recommended at all on any other occasion, how could it be permissible at wedding receptions? Wedding or Holy Matrimony is one of the seven Mysteries of the Church. How could people, after having been in Church praying to God and witnessing the Holy Spirit descend upon the couple uniting them forever through this holy Mystery, and watching them being anointed with the holy oil, forget about all these spiritually awesome blessings and just go out of church and throw themselves into the arms of worldly customs that do not bless our Lord, nor edify us.

Many wedding receptions are now geared toward having light music in the background and having an entertainment program, songs, skits, games etc that do not include dancing, and they are very successful and enjoyable.